Manage your Company

Manage your company and manage day-to-day tasks with clarity and efficiency using CBP guidance and online tools.

Find a Location

The best location for your business depends on the type of company you have and your unique needs as a business owner. Find a location, submit building inspections and more.

Permit & Licenses

Learn how to legally comply with trade and business licensing and submit permits, licenses, and forms that pertain to your company.

Report Company Changes

As your company grows you’ll likely take steps to update some of its structure.

File Annual Returns

Submit an annual return to the Registrar of Companies giving the names and addresses of members, directors, and amounts of paid-up capital.

Beneficial Ownership Information

In accordance with the Companies Amendment Law 2016 revision all registered companies must now maintain and file a Beneficial Ownership Register with the Registrar of Companies.

Closing a Company

Time for a change?  Let us help you to efficiently handle closing processes.