Start a Company

Opening a company in the Cayman Islands requires a few steps. First, start by choosing a company name, then work on incorporation, let your application process, and then begin to work on operational steps like hiring. The roadmap below gives guidance to businesses at each step of the process.

Determine Company Type

There are many ways to structure your company in the Cayman Islands, and as such understanding the categorization or type of company you open is critical to your success.

Reserving Company Name

After brainstorming with your team you’ve chosen the perfect name for your company. The next step is to protect your brand and ensure that the name is legal and available.

Incorporating a Company

There are three key steps to incorporation; reserving your company name, completing the incorporation application, and returning your signed consent forms.

Application Processing

Submit your application to the Registrar of Companies to be one step closer to launching your business!

Opening your Company

Congratulations!  You can now legally begin to take the big steps to opening your doors. So what’s next…