Permits & Licences

Trade and Business

A company wishing to trade within the Cayman Islands, e.g., in retail trading, real estate, hotel or restaurant operation, maintenance services or local shipping, must obtain a license under the Trade and Business Licensing Law.

If less than 60 percent of the equity is Caymanian owned, the Trade and Business Licensing Board will have to be convinced of the need for the company’s services.

To learn more about obtaining a Trade and Business License please visit the Department of Commerce and investment (DCI)

Financial / Insurance Sector

A company conducting the following types of business must obtain a licence as required by the regulatory laws governing their respective sector:

  • Banking and related services: banks and development banks, money services businesses , etc.
  • Fiduciary services: trust companies, trust services providers; corporate service providers / company managers;
  • Insurance services: insurance companies, insurance managers, agents, sub-agents, brokers and principal representatives;
  • Investment funds and fund administrators: Note: there are some funds that are exempt from regulation. These are set out in the Mutual Funds Law);
  • Securities investment businesses: including broker-dealers, market-makers, securities arrangers, securities advisors and securities managers.

To learn more about obtaining a license, please visit the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) .